(at home i'm playing around with a non-pants proje...
# development
(at home i'm playing around with a non-pants project which uses the
crate -- if i am inspired enough tonight i might attempt to write a zipkin subscriber, which would be one potentially-simpler method of hooking up our desired tracing. i'll let you know if i find anything exciting)
The workunit store stuff doesn't directly interact with zipkin currently: it stores in memory, and is dumped at the end on the python side
(and the streaming workunit stuff does a different thing)
So it's possible that we could use the tracing crate with a pants-specific backend that would replace some of the logging/workunit_store code. It's not clear how much though.
Would watch out for stepping on Greg's toes there though, since he's editing it right now
currently it works great, made a generic zipkin "subscriber" to read tracing events, which my other crate consumes. i think the first step (if i go forward with this) would just be to link with the existing store by converting my zipkin spans into the pants zipkin spans. once we have parity we could kill the pants one alternatively, if it's not a huge amount of code to add, then we could just drop it in. but don't expect this in a usable form for a few weeks (unless you want it earlier!).