> are there any blockers to someone else implem...
# development
are there any blockers to someone else implementing v2 passthrough args?
The main blocker is that task scopes do not exist in V2 and I think we’ve agreed we should not add back task scopes. WIthout being able to do this:
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./pants test.py :: -- -vv
The best we could do is:
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./pants test :: -- -vv
How does Pants know what to pass these args to? In V1, this would pass to every test runner. If Junit happens to not have
defined as an option, the tests won’t work. What happens if you want to also pass args to Junit? Now:
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./pants test :: --pytest-args='-vv' --junit-args='--retries=3'
If you want to tweak this, I personally press the up arrow key and change the last few characters:
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./pants test :: --pytest-args='-v' --junit-args='--retries=2'