any chance I could get a few more eyes from non-to...
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any chance I could get a few more eyes from non-toolchain people on ?
could you summarize your reaction to on there?
One thing that isn’t mentioned: the possibility of
./pants repl --only=ipython
. It’d be good to document that it’s a possibility. Also, to reiterate, the reason I do not like
./pants repl --only
is that the option must be provided for things to work, unlike any other goals we have in Pants (outside of
./pants login --to
). That’s a smell to me that this should instead be several dedicated goals. It’s more discoverable to find several distinct goals via
./pants goals
than it is to first run
./pants repl
, have it fail, realize you need to use
./pants repl --only
, and have to frequently check
./pants help repl
to remember what those options are.
there are lessons to be learned from v1 in the regard... currently, there is a default repl per language, and you can override it. would be good to think about how that looks here.
will review in a bit.
...sorry, have been slammed. may not get to this until tomorrow.