> as a practical matter is it true that lazy is...
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as a practical matter is it true that lazy is only important for fields that point to files?
Not necessarily. Many fields have no validation/hydration, but even simple fields like
have validation to ensure, for example, that the int is > 0. Or
has lightweight hydration by calling
because it can be
Union[str, Iterable[str]]
. In V1, we eagerly validate everything. In V2 TargetAdaptors, we don’t validate anything, except for a few special cases. A key design goal of the Target API was to provide a unified mechanism for validation/hydration of fields. Sometimes that hydration is very expensive, and sometimes we literally just return the original `raw_value`; so, we need in some cases to have lazy hydration. Because we wanted a unified mechanism and unified concept, that means that with the Target API all fields are lazy to avoid special casing the few fields that are very expensive to hydrate.