this is the output from running py-spy on a pants ...
# development
this is the output from running py-spy on a pants run with the daemon already warmed up
eyeballing this, it looks like a little more than half the time is occupied by stuff that happens before
, which is dominanted by importlib stuff
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and of the remaining time, we spend a small but noticeable chunk of time dealing with
, and even bigger chunk of time setting up rust logging (probably becuase it has to do FFI stuff), and then actually running the
doesn't take all that long
is there a way to get py-spy to output times in seconds?
but anyway the whole run takes somewhat longer than a second - so human-noticeable latency, but a fifth of half of that is 100ms, which isn't too bad
(again eyeballing these times)
anyway for comparison, here's the same command without pantsd
./v2 --no-v2-ui lint src/python/pants/engine::
, which isn't that big)
still kind of a lot of time, relatively-speaking, spent in import lib stuff
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