and that's the thing that would probably cause pro...
# development
and that's the thing that would probably cause problems when you try to make whatever changes you make to option parsing in
(which I still don't quite grok) also apply to pantsd
lmk if you wanna chat to discuss any of this code at any point, over video or slack. i'm very familiar with it and wrote some of the stuff that's probably confusing you
i can also make a doc to write out any workflows / code paths / whatever that you don't feel you understand / want to improve
also if you want any help prioritizing which parts of pantsd / the pantsd thin client to attack first, let me know. i can tell you which parts are going to be more complex, at least
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just lmk!
no pressure
applies to @hundreds-father-404 at all times as well too obv
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Thank you Danny!