I don't know if ProcessStillRunning is an error th...
# development
I don't know if ProcessStillRunning is an error that we've run into extraneously in CI. maybe in CI it wouldn't be as much of a problem because we don't expect to say, be grepping for "pantsd" at the same time the test is running
i don't remember seeing this, but i do know that the pantsd integration tests fail on my local machine, and small/confusing things like this are likely the case (i've wasted so much time trying to debug and it's very hard so i've given up for now)
it might be good to have a specific issue covering "weird pantsd things we noticed and/or bugs we can't repro but we know exist" to capture these sorts of investigations
I think the problem is mostly that pantsd integration tests fail sporadically, and I'm not always wanting to spend time digging into why specifically they failed on any particular occasion
I mean I think this code is still fundamentally doing the wrong thing, but I couldn't tell you if it's actually caused a problem in practice or not