I’m not sure how the hash will work with the Targe...
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I’m not sure how the hash will work with the Target API. Do those concepts still make sense for
Hey @aloof-angle-91616, we’re trying to kill of
et al. Do you think it would be possible to get
to work with the Target API instead? I’m not totally certain what that should look like, particularly with the fingerprints. Here are some Target API idioms for things you’re doing, though: *
tgt.get(Dependencies).value or ()
to get a
Tuple[Address, ...]
of dependencies *
await Get[TransitiveTargets](Addresses([tgt.address])
for the type alias *
for the address
Also, would you be willing to split this up into two PRs? 1) Deprecate
for this new enum option. 2) Add JSON as a value of that enum option. It would make it much easier to review and to land
i hadn't considered that at all, thanks!!
i can try to do that now
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Hadn’t considered which part? Using the Target API or splitting it up into two PRs?
how natural the splitting would be and how i of course would want to also conform to the new target api in the implementation of the json output
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this will be my excuse to dive into the new target api
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Awesome. I think splitting it up will make the second PR easier to reason with because now your diff is much smaller. Please let me know if I can help at all with the Target API! I’ll be around most of tonight taking this coursera linguistics course hehe