when i was at twitter’s new hire orientation (NHO)...
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when i was at twitter’s new hire orientation (NHO) an engineer sandy strong said multiple times how incredibly valuable the “outsider perspective” is and i’ve tried really hard to keep that in mind since then. i’m really glad people were receptive to my thoughts on the v2 engine last year with union rules/etc and i really like that we’re establishing a method of making decisions on bikesheds as a group. (small thread)
think if we can do all of these: (1) be able to bring up decisions in slack or pants-devel and expect them to be resolved within a day (like this one above) or maybe a week for larger ones (2) continue to explicitly respond to every question that anyone asks, especially newcomers, as above (3) on every decision thread, have a conclusive message saying e.g. “the decision X was made by a vote” or “the decision Y was made because of Z external thing we can’t control” then we can continue to move exponentially!
i REALLY like the way the decision above was made @hundreds-breakfast-49010 this list is just my attempt to write down what i thought was great about it
i think we are basically doing all of these and i love that we are respecting the outsider perspective
@jolly-midnight-72759 i’m scrolling up and i wanted to reiterate that you’re asking awesome questions and please continue to do that!!!!
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