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# development
@hundreds-father-404, @hundreds-breakfast-49010: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/9797 might look hairy, but the key thing is just that errors with traces get much more compact, and render only the Nodes with `user_facing_name`s: would appreciate a look today when you get a chance
Would it help to have a review from both? I started taking a look and then thought “That’s a lot of Rust - maybe I’ll ask Greg to take a look”.. hehe
the “is this trace useful for someone who would have
enabled” bit is a widely applicable bikeshed i think
but the model will make it easier to add/remove
from traces, so also fine to just land it and defer the tuning of traces.
if you want to just eyeball the python test changes, and then let @hundreds-breakfast-49010 look at the rest, that’d be fine too.
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I'll take a look at this later today and focus on the rust parts