<@UB2J9BQA0>: re cache dirs
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@hundreds-father-404: re cache dirs
there is at least one known issue in there, which is that
is not used for the LMDB store
which is in order to align with the default on the rust side. i started on a patch to move the implementation of that method to rust, but it runs into a bootstrapping issue because the rust bootstrap uses a hacky entrypoint into the BinaryUtils code to download things.
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That was the first thing I was going to fix 🙂
i will likely be trying to untangle the hacky BinaryUtil thing for multiple reasons, but just fyi
one alternative would be to just have two “equivalent” implementations of the
method for now.
here’s the patch i had for it: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/compare/master...stuhood:stuhood/align-cache-roots … the commit message explains the cycle. but i think that the cycle could be broken by just having both python and rust implementations of the method
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@hundreds-father-404: i can clean that up and post if it helps.
the “duped method” approach isn’t actually that bad i think.
If it wouldn’t take too much time, that would be helpful to land it. I’m also not too concerned with a duplicated method, particularly if we call attention to it at both places.
yea. ok.
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And we want to delete
as well, so that duplication is hopefully not permanent.