<@UKPS08ZGW>: regarding #10518: see the linked iss...
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@hundreds-breakfast-49010: regarding #10518: see the linked issue: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/10518#issuecomment-667361297 … i had suggested allowing types to indicate that they were potentially useful to users.
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It's possible that rendering the Params of a Node would actually make for a good default here if we apply a strategy similar to the EngineAware trait, that would opt params in and out of the description. Because rendering:
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format!("@rule {}({})", task.task.display_info.name, task.params)
...is almost a good representation. The issue is that it includes too much information. If we were to include/exclude types, and render a simplified version of the type, you might be able to get something like:
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@rule coordinator_of_tests((OptionsBootstrapper(..), tests/python/pants_test/util:argutil))