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09/15/2020, 11:49 PM
separately, just anything with skipped tests for all the things it's supposed to cover feels radioactive to me and deserves more scrutiny. a tad annoyed that i tried to really solve this a long while ago and just let it deteriorate is all
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09/16/2020, 3:38 AM
I think the main issue is that there's a lot of pants code (not just ExceptionSink) that was written before the engine existed and so tries to do things that the engine (or engine-adjacent python code) is also doing. we've also been moving functionality from python into the engine and plan to move more
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so probably we should keep in mind as a general principle that when we make the engine do something that python code used to do, we should make sure we remove the old python code that did that at the same time
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off the top of my head, a lot of the tests that we're skipping are ones that pertain to pantsd, and one of the things that we should do is see if we can now unskip some of them, since there have been a lot of changes around pantsd and other parts of pants since we disabled those
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09/16/2020, 5:10 AM
wow, that's a great point
i'm not sure if i ever considered that
that definitely seems like a stronger takeaway too
i have no issue with doing so and you can't monkey-patch things in rust which alone makes it a nicer place to do this, even if it's manipulating python objects with the cpython api