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See for a Target API limiation I’d love feedback on. (Feel free to discuss in the thread or on GH)
first off: i would love to see this exact text in an issue if you haven't done so already so we don't lose it. will respond further after reading
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I can move it to, which is the original issue about the dependencies field
it seems like you've definitely identified a general problem, so i would recommend editing the OP to reflect this more general case instead of posting a comment
oh ok that works
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commented, thanks!
...and then edited twice, sorry. done now.
going to step away for a bit, but i’m totally fine with a non-ideal solution for now, as we have time before we really need to stabilize the plugin API
i think there's a lot of value in the comment i posted, but it's somewhat long, and i recognize that's difficult to read. so i moved up the "merge sources fields automatically" idea to the very top (a direct response to the issue), and the rest are just fun sidequests for now:
i was super interested in the
concept @witty-crayon-22786 wrote, but i didn't feel quite certain what that would "mean", aka what API it would imply, so i asked for an example at the bottom of the comment. i think that level of abstraction is exactly what i'm trying to get at in the middle section of the long comment i made so would love to hear more about that if possible.
please lmk if that comment was constructive or could be improved. i think that i could make it shorter, but i did want to describe what currently seems possible to improve about the subclassing and e.g.
API. feel free to ignore that / not respond to the other stuff though because it is 100% a larger discussion and is orthogonal to the merging idea, i think. wanted to get my thoughts out and tried to cut it down.