what do people think of the idea of taking our `co...
# development
what do people think of the idea of taking our
script, and making that a built-in pants goal?
I was thinking about this in the context of having pants control more of its own build process
but also that particular bit of functionality might be broadly useful to people
I suspect probably too special cased to publish it. We generally want to think critically about the functionality we commit to publicly supporting But that sounds reasonable to make it an internal plugin! If anything, good exercise in dogfooding
yeah, specialized functionality that we only need for building pants itself should be an internal plugin. but specifically printing the list of people who contributed to code in a repo in the past while is the sort of thing that does strike me as general enough to be useful to other people
If it was opt-in, via a new backend, it could be useful. So long as users have an ergonomic way to disable it if they have no use But I wonder what else might go into that backend. Imo, that’s a good hint to what we should do. I know a good feature for Pants would be adding ownership of specific files, that pants can say who is assigned to this and you can set up CI to notify those people
Are you talking about something like a
type or another field on an existing type?
Wasn’t there a “far dreaming” talk at the PantsBuild Conference ‘19 in Las Vegas about pants leaning into the
file? The default version has all the info one needs to make goals that can identify watchers and owners.