also, are the pants rust crates uploaded to <crate...
# development
also, are the pants rust crates uploaded to yet? i am already using the
, and
crates in several other ideas i've had, and all i could do is point them to my the crates in my local pants checkout, which is not very reproducible. i'm not looking for very much stability, i just want to be able to bootstrap a project like i think that it would be very interesting to use these crates to do bazel remote execution on totally different tools, for example, as well as a zero-overhead API for sharing memory across languages. cc @average-vr-56795 if we're worried about exposing that API right now, i will likely make pants a submodule in this repo and just point to there, which should work just fine for now. in fact, i'll probably just do that for now until i can demonstrate those crates are useful enough outside of pants.
You can just use a
dependency for reproduceability right? No need for waiting on, local pants checkouts or git submodules.
yea, i think that using git versioned deps would be the way to go. i don’t think that we want to be on until there is consensus on what should be a public api