12/09/2020, 8:07 PM
@witty-crayon-22786 so IIRC you want to change from its current state, so that binary discovery doesn't depend on the rule that you made
in that PR, so it doesn't re-run on every pants run?


12/09/2020, 8:10 PM
the rule should re-run, but it should in some cases decide not to generate a new UUID.
but yes. the behavior we want is what Eric describes in his comment: that was not happening before, and it’s not happening now
i’m actually going to see how cherry-pickable the deeper fix is, because attempting to do this with a unique object + rule cacheability is crazy hard to reason about.
👍 2
and PER_CALL vs PER_SESSION are misnamed right now
👍 1
the cherry-pick looked pretty straightforward, so will just do the whole thing: