prost 0.7.0 is out: <
# development
but afaict,
will need to be updated to consume it, because it uses a prost types in its public API here:
and it looks like
won’t work across major version boundaries
it also uses bytes 0.6 which is main issue
whereas Tonic uses bytes 0.5
re prost-types, in order to get Bytes support for binary fields, we will have to turn off using prost-types and have Prost generate code for the google protos any way
but that is orthogonal to the Bytes version
on the version issue, I pinned the Prost version to the prost version with Bytes support but before the Bytes 0.6 upgrade
but Tonic will see a release soon, now that Tokio is at 1.0
at least according to the conversations on the tokio discord that I’ve seen
so hopefully they figure out the Bytes version issue
Mm. Except upgrading to tokio 1.0 may take a bit. See the #engine room.
also apparently Bytes is at a 1.0 release now too
which means prost just got upgraded to it recently since it was at 0.6 last I saw
hmm looking at your conversation with tokio in, that is not good. we could just write our own macros for now as suggested there.
maybe rename the Pants
crate to
or something and put them there
eh. I'm happy to wait a bit longer... not sure we're blocked on the upgrade.
And Alice has indicated in the main ticket that they want to fix the issue
it shouldn’t block anything on the Pants side
I’m not currently aware of anything broken that would need us to upgrade Tonic to be even more recent
👍 1
let alone tokio