Hey <@U0N6C2Q9F>, I'm trying to figure out how to ...
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Hey @fast-nail-55400, I'm trying to figure out how to test that counters changed in this new speculation test. I have a
value via
let workunit_store = WorkunitStore::setup_for_tests();
, and wanted to call the underlying
.metrics_data: MetricsData
, but it's a private field Any pointers?
Possibly related, I am a little confused why
has a
field. My understanding is that we have n number of workunits, and I'm surprised the counter isn't a global singleton
because counter increments are associated with a particular time span, and in the future, and it is possible to partially aggregate that counter along only parts of the workunut graph to see what value the counter holds in only part of the graph
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(even if, for example, the toolchain plugin only does global aggregation currently)
the workunit’s counters are exposed to streamnig workunit handlers
I guess we don’t have a mechanism is Rust to expose completed workunits?
I don't think we do - would you be free to pair for a few minutes to chart the best path forward for testing this? Speculation tests are now good to go otherwise 🙂
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