When I get a rule error like so: ```No source of d...
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When I get a rule error like so:
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No source of dependency PythonNativeCode for @rule(...
And where
is a Subsystem - the "No source of dependency" bit seems clearly a lie. Should I: 1. Just treat the wording as wrong / misleading. 2. Take it as a clue to ... <insert thing I'm not getting here>
Is this in a test or production? If in a test, you may need to register SubsystemRule
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I'd still like to figure all this out, but I gave up for now and fell black to plan 5 to get around rule errors I couldn't understand.
I'm not sure I'm out of the woods yet since I've been hitting - everything works, then it doesn't ... but I've now convertd ~85% of potential use-sites, so I'm hopeful.