Can someone please run `rm -rf .pids && ./...
# development
Can someone please run
rm -rf .pids && ./pants
and see how long it takes for the scheduler to initialize? It's taking 8 seconds for me, which seems like a perf regression. But 2.4.0.dev1 is still taking me 5 seconds πŸ‘€
Hm, but 2.3.x only takes 0.94 seconds
I'm seeing six seconds of overhead in between finishing plugin resolution and setting up the services:
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$ rm -rf .pids && ./pants --no-process-execution-use-local-cache -ldebug

11:59:45.43 [DEBUG] File handle limit is: 20000
11:59:51.24 [DEBUG] Changes to /Users/eric/code/pants, outside of the buildroot, will not be invalidated.
...[more "Changes to" logs]
11:59:51.24 [DEBUG] setting up service <pants.pantsd.service.scheduler_service.SchedulerService object at 0x10ad31ee0>
Not clear yet what this is from
i see
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$ ./pants help
12:27:03.10 [INFO] initializing scheduler...
12:27:06.09 [INFO] scheduler initialized.
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on main
i expect that the bootstrap scheduler has something to do with it. it’s essentially a second instance.
Weird, I can't reproduce. It's back to 1.95 seconds for me
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