Is there no way to turn off just the global one bu...
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Is there no way to turn off just the global one but allow the repo-specific one?
Nope, no way according to
shellcheck --help
. And we can't somehow isolate the program to not be able to access $HOME So, I'm thinking it's a lesser evil to not support config files at all than to risk this subtle non-reproducibility
You can emulate a config file by permanently setting
Oh and maybe we can detect if
<build root>/.shellcheckrc
is there and warn that Pants won't use it? I wonder if that'd be helpful to warn about in general?? It is a gotcha that you must tell Pants about config files via
We could fix shellcheck? :)
h In the meantime, I'll disable config file support. Likely in a followup, I'll add warnings in general for when we detect config files but they're not specified to Pants - we warn about that gotcha in docs, but it's easy to miss
Yeah sounds fine to me
This is fine as a work in progress
if someone really cares we can help them address it via contributing to shellcheck
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Looks like Flake8 and Pylint also consult global config files... In the absence of patching all these, I think the best we could do is warn if we detect the files? Use PathGlobsAndRoot once that is added back first-class to read outside the build root