`--ignore-pants-warnings` expects regex patterns, ...
# development
expects regex patterns, which can result in surprising behavior like
The option
is not configured
not actually ignoring that warning due to
not being escaped. Are folks using the regex feature? I'd like to simplify with a new option
that is normal strings, and deprecate the old one.
The Python TOML library also doesn't seem to like some of the escaping. You have to use a literal string with
instead of
, but then we get
[WARN] <string>:1: DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence \[
The library hasn't been updated since October 2020, and tomlkit isn't great either, so I don't think us fixing upstream is super realistic Instead, we can circumvent by not getting fancy with regex
Oh, we could maybe have a way to indicate it's a regex? Like
prefix the string with 'regexp: '