CI started flaking with this error since landing S...
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CI started flaking with this error since landing Shellcheck:
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Exception: String("Cannot strip prefix __output from root directory (Digest with hash Fingerprint<bb11eda082823e90c95f959f8b89c6886423521773bb24bb31e8c25454d0740b>) - root directory didn\'t contain a directory named __output but did contain directory named: shellcheck-v0.7.1") The confusing thing to me is why it's flaky to debug, added log statements for what's going on
This is so bewildering to me, including why it's flaky and I can only get it to fail in CI and not my Ubuntu devbox
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22:01:06.28 [INFO] input snapshot files: ('shellcheck-v0.7.1.linux.x86_64.tar.xz',)
22:01:06.28 [INFO] input snapshot dirs: ('__output',)
22:01:06.28 [INFO] argv: ('/usr/bin/tar', 'xf', 'shellcheck-v0.7.1.linux.x86_64.tar.xz', '-C', '__output')
22:01:06.51 [INFO] output files: ('shellcheck-v0.7.1/LICENSE.txt', 'shellcheck-v0.7.1/README.txt', 'shellcheck-v0.7.1/shellcheck')
22:01:06.51 [INFO] output dirs: ('shellcheck-v0.7.1',)
The output files should have
in the prefix, and we tell the
, so presumably Tar is behaving correctly and writing there Using GNU Tar 1.30, which is very modern and supports the
Gr this keeps flaking. I think in the meantime to figuring out, I should disable Shellcheck internally :/ (no need to revert implementation)
Instead of -C you could try our native handling of working dir just to kick some tires.
That's a good idea. Thanks John
This continues to bewilder me. In general in CI, it seems to flake about 25% of the time. In this PR where I run
lint ::
30 times with no local cache, I can't get it to fail once. I still can't get it to fail on macOS and Linux I'm running out of ideas (and am not going to think about this until Monday). But any thoughts on figuring out why this would stop flaking in that PR? My idea is to revert some of the changes like
and see if one of them is causing it
Oh!! Might this be a remote cache bug?!
Well I be darned, I reproduce when using the remote cache
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