were people familiar with mozilla’s sccache (<http...
# development
were people familiar with mozilla’s sccache (https://github.com/mozilla/sccache) for distributed compilation? i just learned about it a few minutes ago and it touches a lot of use cases (configuring build servers to connect to, doing hermetic compiles and providing a toolchain, supporting rust) that are relevant to our interests. in terms of things we can use it for directly (https://github.com/mozilla/sccache/blob/master/docs/DistributedQuickstart.md), i think the most immediate would be introducing a rust toolchain to hermetic process executions in a structured way (i know rust language support is not an immediate priority, but this is essentially the first blocker to starting that i think). i think it’s likely we could steal a few ideas from the project regarding configuration, process scheduling, as well as object storage, although i’m not sure yet what method it uses for that last one.
it also links to this bubblewrap tool which i wasn’t previously aware of: https://github.com/containers/bubblewrap
Bubblewrap's similar tools docs neglect
which is part of the podman tool set and CLI ~compatible with
: https://podman.io/
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