I can't remember the last time a release I did was...
# development
I can't remember the last time a release I did wasn't a dev0! 😄
oof. and those are the tricky ones.
thanks a ton for continuing to do releases.
No worries! I suspect what it means is we need to recruit exactly one more committer and then we get to share them evenly
Though first I need to fight with python interpreter selection 😄
this is tacoma narrows bridge resonance from a rotating assignment perspective 😃
😂 2
mm… sorry. @average-vr-56795: is it past the initial bootstrap venv creation? i.e. are you getting a pip error or a pants error?
I think a pants error
I'll poke at it a bit, will reach out if I get stuck!
fwiw, i’ve used
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$ cat ~/.pants.rc
# Avoid system python.
interpreter_search_paths = ["<PYENV>"]
for a while now to ensure that pants always uses pyenv
Ooh sneaky, I like it! I may well borrow that 🙂
to avoid the ever-shifting OSX interpreters
Yea! I shied away after learning how much of options parsing I'd need, but @enough-analyst-54434 just leaned in and ported a ton. Very excited!
And having our first example of a generated parser is great too.
Not on by default yet (even within the repo) but it's been working and snappy here.