Brainstorm: We currently have elementary support ...
# development
Brainstorm: We currently have elementary support for the
goal running existing
files in the repo. But there is an issue with the cwd:
is currently set up to run with the cwd as the sandbox root. But handwritten
files are usually authored under the assumption that the
is wherever the
is. This affects what relpaths in
are relative to, for example. It seems like the right thing to do is to set
on the underlying
to wherever
is. I've tried this, but unfortunately the
shim script machinery doesn't like it. We could strip the relevant prefix so that
ends up in the root, under the reasonable assumption that everything it references is under it in the repo. However this causes issues with capturing the output of running develop
which writes in unpredictable locations under the cwd. So we'd have to capture the entire sandbox as output (this currently fails, due to absolute symlinks in the pex cache dir, but we could fix that I imagine). Any thoughts on which is the right way to go? Could the Pex/VenvPex machinery be easily made to support running from a cwd other than the root, or is that just asking for trouble?
cc @enough-analyst-54434 as this is your wheelhouse
if setting working directory doesn't work today that's a bug.
I'll take a look...
Can you share a backtrace?
It looks like the option is simply not plumbed.
Right, I plumbed it
I'll post a branch
Excellent - thank you.
Turned out to be not that hard to get it working:
Required a little finessing with the shim scripts in the VenvPex case