Hello! I’m working on <https://github.com/pantsbui...
# development
Hello! I’m working on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/10620 at the moment, and have a PR along the lines of what @hundreds-father-404 suggested. At the moment there’s a few things that are arch-dependent still, and I want to figure out whether I should consider the current PR as done and open separate issues for the remaining problems, or continue trying to solve things here. I’ll go through the issues in a thread, momentarily:
1. Rust compiler settings do not pay attention to the current architecture 2. Pants has difficulty resolving
compatible binaries (which I believe is due to an out-of-date
spec in either pex or pants
On 2 I thought there was confounding evidence on what the root cause was. Regardless, it seems 2 is at least one layer too high and PEX should be investigated directly 1st if not the version of Pip it vendors. As such, breaking out a separate issue / spike seems to make sense to me for 2 at any rate.
I’ll take some guidance on how to get pex to work first (as mentioned, I did find an out-of-date vendored file which is unaware of the
architecture flag for Mac OS)
If you could run the command specified in the issue, that would be a great start. Universal2 may be an issue but has nothing to do with the particular problem reported in the issue. Hopefully my comments there make sense.
OK sure
@enough-analyst-54434 I did end up narrowing the issue down, and it appears to affect
running Intel python builds. I’d be happy to help figure out exactly what’s going on later
Ok, great. Thank you. I'll see if that's enough to thought-identify the issue but I may have to ask you to run a few experiments over on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/issues/1384 if not.