Hey <@U04S45AHA>, thoughts on how much work it wou...
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Hey @enough-analyst-54434, thoughts on how much work it would be for Pants to start shading tools like Pytest by using Pex's current functionality? I've been looking into the alternative of mixing in tools like Pytest into user requirements—the Poetry/Pipenv approach—and not liking the coupling.
Is this still a theoretical issue or a real issue?
On the JVM it was a real issue so I spent the time to solve it. If not, non-issue IMO.
Let me get back to you later today..maybe I'm making this more of an issue than it actually is. I'll experiment more with things
If there are 0 reports of errors then it's a non-issue.
There have been 0 reports with a clock starting at 2011 or so to my knowledge for Python.
This is probably bigger and more complicated than you expect, and I'd rather not go down that path right now, since as John says, we have no reports of it being an issue in practice.
Okay, thanks everyone. @witty-crayon-22786 also explained to me on our 1:1 why he agrees we don't need to tie shading into lockfiles at all, and it makes more sense But one thing I'm still confused by. I just hooked up lockfiles to IPython, and the IPython lockfile uses
whereas user lockfile uses
. I'm confused why that collision is not blowing up when used w/
in most cases when you add directly to sys.path, no version/constraint checking is applied: things are just looked up on the path in a particular order
(and the first one found is the one used)
Interesting. Would it make sense for us to do something like ensure the user requirements come ahead of the tool requirements? I don't think we could really anticipate which order is preferable fwict
there are APIs for expanding the sys.path that do constraints checking… for example,
from pkg_resources import WorkingSet
, which the plugin resolver currently uses
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Would it make sense for us to do something like ensure the user requirements come ahead of the tool requirements?
good question. but yea, unclear.
for now: would keep doing whatever we’re doing, because it’s working 99% of the time =P
Okay, after our 1:1 today + John's advice, I'm convinced enough that lockfiles make this no worse than what we had before Thanks for talking this through, folks. I will gladly not expand the scope of this project 😄