Gr, somewhat regretting that we leaned into `inter...
# development
Gr, somewhat regretting that we leaned into
using a list to OR constraints, like
['==2.7.*', '>3.6']
. Poetry needs a single constraint, and I don't know of a way to programmatically convert the list into a single value
John warned us this is non-standard and might bite us in the future 🤔
I think there's an inelegant solution. We now have a notion of "python_universe". Iterate over every version in our universe and see if it's contained. If so, add it to our new synthetic constraint Very similar to how partion_by_major_minor_versions worked
should wait for this to be resolved…?
Yeah I can wait to hit merge. I don't think partitioning will help a ton: we do not want to run Poetry mutliple times because then we need a way to merge everything. But, no rush to hit merge