Just out of curiosity, how much of the rust code i...
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Just out of curiosity, how much of the rust code in pants relates to bazel? Or rather, I’m curious about the origins of the code.. have we been able to borrow code from bazel, or is it just that it mimics some bazel protocols, and hence the name comes from that.. ? (spotted a few references to bazel protos, digest and remote stuff…)
Some of the concepts come from the Remote Execution API which lives under the bazelbuild GitHub org. See https://github.com/bazelbuild/remote-apis
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(Several build systems are using Remote Execution API including Bazel, Pants, Buildstream, Please, Goma, and Recc)
Side note: In Python rules, some of the concepts have slightly different meanings than in REAPI. In Pants, a
refers to a SHA-256 hash of a collection of files (which it is used as a handle for), wheres in REAPI “Digest” is only the SHA-256 hash of any content that could be stored in the “content-addressable store” (so not necessarily a REAPI “Directory”, could be file content as well.) Pants uses
for the SHA-256 hash of file content.
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Thanks for those tidbits 🙂
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So yeah no code shared, only protocols
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