i seem to have gotten myself locked out of <readme...
# development
i seem to have gotten myself locked out of readme.com: if someone else has time to create the
version of the site as per https://www.pantsbuild.org/docs/release-process#dev0---set-up-the-new-version, that would be appreciated.
On it
Haven't forgotten this, am going to finish my docker plugin doc page first
đź‘Ť 1
So it can come along for the ride
This is done
Also let's get you back in to readme.com
yea, i mailed them. i didn’t realize that Google Authenticator doesn’t transfer during the usual Android phone-transfer process.
I use Microsoft Authenticator for that exact reason! I got locked out of PyPI because of this before
Huh, that is a very sharp edge on Android
shame on google
yea, it sticks out like a sore thumb… it’s the only thing i’ve found (so far) that didn’t transfer.