I’m looking at juggling with paths in digests, usi...
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I’m looking at juggling with paths in digests, using RemovePrefix mainly. Any reason not to make
to err optional in case the prefix does not exist, with a flag or so? Otherwise, I’ll do a
with path globs to pick out the files that have, and another subset that doesn’t have, the prefix, then remove prefix from the former, and then merge them back together again. However, it feels a bit clumsy and inefficient..
yea, the whole set of APIs that we have around digests is very low level. have been thinking that a high level (possibly more imperative) API would make sense.
possibly something a bit more imperative, that looked like a series of commands to run:
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Transform(digest, [
  Move("path1", "."),
… or any declarative patterns that people know of.
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Yeah, that would make sense. Turned out I didn’t need the RemovePrefix right now in this case, but still..