Does pants have rules for golang?
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Does pants have rules for golang?
In progress! @fast-nail-55400 got most of the functionality implemented. I'm ramping up for it to be my main priority in September - remaining work is improving performance, adding test support, and improving the UX for third party dependencies Are there any particular things you're looking for with Go support?
We have only a basic usage of golang, but we want to use a unified build system
Do you have a link to docs or so we could get started?
I recommend holding off. It isn’t ready for consumption yet due to some known performance issues caused by me doing the naive thing to get the plugin working. Those naive prototyping issues need to be fixed before it is has beta-level quality.
but @hundreds-father-404 is actively working on those issues
Maybe Gofmt would be stable enough, though. It's cool having
./pants lint ::
./pants fmt
run all your linters/formatters across different languages Would that be useful to you @melodic-thailand-99227? If so, I can try to whip up some docs
Hey @hundreds-father-404 - we are also looking at migrating to a pants based multi-language monorepo. My squad's projects are written in Go - and I'd be very interested in some early docs, or an alpha branch to try things out. v1 seems to be built around GOPATH - and our existing projects are all modules. I'd love to put effort into exploring how v2 would work and provide feedback, over trying to shim things together with v1 and then migrate.
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Awesome! v2 is indeed all based on Go modules. We do a weekly dev release, and I'm hoping that this Friday's will be closer to alpha release quality at least
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