i won’t have time to start this today, but i’m pre...
# development
i won’t have time to start this today, but i’m pretty sure i should first thing next week to help resolve #12889 and #12929: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/12934
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interested in feedback on naming and API
…on second thought, starting it today. but won’t have time to finish it.
anything I can help with? or should I stay focused on other Go work?
I'm happy to do tedious things like updating all call sites hehe
not that i know of… i think that i can actually completely punt on public API changes in the initial fix. but you can probably help with the followup?
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blargh: didn’t encounter anything surprising, and had hoped to get a draft out today, but looks like i won’t have time
anything I can take over?
i’ll push it, but i don’t know if i’d recommend spending time on it… i’m debugging something so simple that i’m amazed it’s not working
this is all it is: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/compare/main...stuhood:stuhood/prototype-interfaces … as you demonstrated on the PR, this works fine for at least one of our unions. my guess is that some other
requires more than the single provided parameter in practice… but due to error messages, it’s not obvious which one it is
i’ve got to run. but i think that my next step would be to binary search the list of `@union`s that are registered to see which ends up requiring more than the provided param
binary search how so?
Also I can work on the Python interface for this? Might make it easier to experiment
it looks like everything here was fairly shallow, although it took a lot of scrapping to figure that out. pheew.
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someone really ought to work on these damn error messages! 🤒
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grabbing dinner, but this is out as https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/12966