I’ve spent some time thinking about named resolves...
# development
I’ve spent some time thinking about named resolves, the first part of which involve us somewhat inverting the way we approach lockfiles. Current we do this: 1. Write JVM artifacts 2. Add those artifacts as requirements to the lockfile 3. Resolve artifacts and their dependencies and write to the lockfile 4. Supply the lockfile as a dependency to the Java Sources AIUI, we need to change it so that the 
 target does not have requirements, but instead, we infer those requirements based on the artifacts that are dependencies (inferred or otherwise) of 
 targets that depend on the lockfile. That needs dependency inference over 3rd party dependencies (and potentially having those present before a lockfile is ready) Is dependency inference at a stage where we can look into dependency JAR files to see if a dependency is present? (ping @fast-nail-55400)