# development


10/13/2021, 2:47 PM
Thoughts if we should let ourselves (Pants contributors) dogfood the amazing the new
feature? Normally dogfooding is a good thing, but here I wonder if it risks papering over ways we can continue improving Pants's UX
For example, I'd love to add an alias
since-head = "--changed-since=HEAD
But maybe I should feel the pain of typing out
as a Pants dev? The pain of typing out
is what motivated us to shorten to


10/13/2021, 3:22 PM
I think there’s definitely room for dogfooding this, although, perhaps for a bit larger chunk than a single argument, unless it is unwieldy long (like the one for enabling the pyupgrade backend as a command line flag). Or, another perhaps better criteria than “larger chunk”, is to achieve a goal, rather than replacing a single flag. So, perhaps
test-my-work = "--changed-since=HEAD green"
.. I.e. I’m pro using it for pants too.. even if it risks papering over sharp edges, hopefully those edges will present themselves any way.
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10/13/2021, 6:18 PM
yea, this is an interesting question.
one thing that i’ve wanted to raise for a while is the possibility that not specifying any specs at all should default to
i do think that if we are relying a lot on aliases, we might want to consider it tech debt
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(for us: it could be totally reasonable for end users… unless they all end up with the same alias)


10/13/2021, 6:32 PM
would be interesting to collect metrics on what alias expansion was used during telemetry collection too, then (in order to be able to track this)