a problem that i expect we’ll see a lot of with mu...
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a problem that i expect we’ll see a lot of with multiple resolves (both on the JVM and on Python), and proposal(s): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BSws879Ii_bM0nu4ZMNyvz6YRtBvaFNj3MXpsvwGdi0/edit# … comments appreciated.
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I guess I don't get why interior nodes compatible with multiple resolves don't just have that information used purely to fail a subgraph. IOW all resolve picking must be driven from a binary / test root and that driver determines the inference for the subgraph. If an interior node has an incompatible set of compatible resolves, that just means fail fast.
inference occurs before that
so the problem statement deals with the point at which a target is determining its dependencies
since we fail due to ambiguity currently, target definitions get much, much more verbose than in the unconflicted case.
That's just how it works today, right? Could do local inference, validate resolve, then 3rd party.
not sure i understand that, but yea: maybe. if you want to Suggest a third proposal at the bottom it would be welcome
i’ve added an example of what i mean
Will do.
It sounded way more complex than needed so stopped short.
Ok, added.