Getting my feet wet with protobufs, but it seems a...
# development
Getting my feet wet with protobufs, but it seems a bit like it doesn’t work to consume them from an in-repo plugin?
Granted, this is a rather weird scenario.. but if I write a plugin that uses protobufs, what would be the recommended way to develop it? I want to be able to try it out without having to publish it or some such…
(I.e. I get ModuleNotFound error for the python code that would be generated by protoc.)
Ah, this also stretches to the dependencies of those.. trying a work-around where I copy the _pb2.* files to the source tree.. so also had to add the protobuf lib to the list of plugins.. It’s doable (I think, still waiting on the results) but not really ergonomic, yet 😉
mm… yea, plugin code is loaded straight onto the pythonpath with no intepretation
I think I should reconsider how I develop this stuff, so it isn’t loaded as a plugin from the source tree while developing it…