blargh. most of these repos have legit java/scala ...
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blargh. most of these repos have legit java/scala cycles. i might have to lean in on
i wonder if they realize it.
for example, a 252 file long cycle in `akka-http`:
…i’ve spot checked 10 edges, and they’re all legit. but this seems like a great opportunity for a “these symbols are why you have a cycle!” goal (the debug goals helped a lot here!)
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I'm surprised this is that common, but hey
i think that it’s because zinc makes “huge” projects feasible, and will silently do multiple rounds of compilation for java+scala within a project
BUT, the cycle completely disables incremental compilation for all members, so i think it’s mostly just a silent problem.
this is 252 files out of 482 in the
project, btw
making it a not silent problem in Pants will be important.
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cc @ancient-vegetable-10556: ^ maybe interesting for the post
Thank yoU!
maybe we can add a warning for cycles larger than X
or some other more ergonomic assist