<@U01TNNHDBSR>: and as to the JVM
# development
@powerful-florist-1807: and as to the JVM
i believe that https://github.com/toolchainlabs/guice/tree/setup_pants is the branch that we were using for testing against guice, but @ancient-vegetable-10556 and @fast-nail-55400 would know better
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Yes, that’s it, but I don’t believe I’ve pushed any changes that were necessary to make our dep inference work work
i think that i would still advise waiting until our next milestone to try and get started, because we have not written any documentation yet, or otherwise “improved” it to act as an example
the patterns are still rapidly changing, etc
specifically: our next milestone is M2 in: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/projects/22?fullscreen=true
Sure - I think we can work on JVM support early next year. Internally, we are using Gradle as a temporary solution. Really look forward to pants4J!