fwiw: `-ldebug` + `--loop` got a little bit more i...
# development
got a little bit more interesting in #13559: it now reports which edges were invalidated
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so adding a comment to a scala file beneath
--loop check
looks like:
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14:09:56.36 [DEBUG] Dependency DigestFile(testprojects/src/jvm/org/pantsbuild/example/app/ExampleApp.scala) of Some("Snapshot(testprojects/src/jvm/org/pantsbuild/example/app/ExampleApp.scala)") changed.
14:09:56.45 [DEBUG] Dependency Snapshot(testprojects/src/jvm/org/pantsbuild/example/app/ExampleApp.scala) of Some("@rule(pants.engine.internals.graph.hydrate_sources(testprojects/src/jvm/org/pantsbuild/example/app/ExampleApp.scala))") changed.
14:09:56.46 [DEBUG] Dependency @rule(pants.engine.internals.graph.hydrate_sources(testprojects/src/jvm/org/pantsbuild/example/app/ExampleApp.scala)) of Some("@rule(pants.core.util_rules.source_files.determine_source_files())") changed.
14:09:56.46 [DEBUG] Dependency @rule(pants.core.util_rules.source_files.determine_source_files()) of Some("@rule(pants.backend.scala.dependency_inference.scala_parser.analyze_scala_source_dependencies())") changed.
14:09:56.46 [DEBUG] Running Analyzing testprojects/src/jvm/org/pantsbuild/example/app/ExampleApp.scala under semaphore with concurrency id: 5
(also fun is that it takes us less than 20 ms to extract imports here)
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14:09:56.46 [DEBUG] Connected to nailgun instance nailgun server for nailgun_server_org.pantsbuild.backend.scala.dependency_inference.ScalaParser at
14:09:56.47 [DEBUG] Completed: Analyzing testprojects/src/jvm/org/pantsbuild/example/app/ExampleApp.scala
also, in this output, because we don’t see a
Dependency X of Y changed
message above source analysis, we can see that early cutoff prevented us from actually re-running the graph calculation rules above the analyzer (since all we did was add a comment)
oh, super interesting though: adding a
sign to the code (for the first time) does trigger symbol remapping, but it’s a false positive: that’s a consumed symbol, rather than a provided symbol. so those two types of analysis should be broken out into separate
outputs most likely. cc @fast-nail-55400, @ancient-vegetable-10556
we should probably exclude infix symbols from being consumed types
they generally will be method names
no, that part is totally fine imo… it’s just that we should break up consumed vs provided into separate dataclasses
because consuming a new type doesn’t affect what i provide. also, this is very very microoptimizey at this point: just thought it was fun
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