Soft bump on my PRs :slightly_smiling_face: Namely...
# development
Soft bump on my PRs 🙂 Namely looking for thoughts on dependency inference suppression: And thoughts on string resource inference: And lastly, the unfortunate case of pylint needing transitive deps:
The first one is a hard req for me to roll out Pants, because we have some code that has to do
try: import X except ImportError: import Y
Sorry for the delay, will make sure these get looked at asap
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No worries, the bump is soft 😉
Thanks for being assertive (and in such a kind way). With the recent holidays, inevitably some balls got dropped. So it's helpful to have a thoughtful ping making sure nothing important falls through the cracks altogether.
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Life happens 😛 I'm also not one to shy away from local hacking so I'm never truly blocked 😈