FYI I will fork 2.10 docs today & start updati...
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FYI I will fork 2.10 docs today & start updating them, given that we're close to rc0. Lmk if you want to make edits to 2.9 first
@witty-crayon-22786 @happy-kitchen-89482 I'm thinking that we rewrite to have multiple resolves be the recommended experience, like most the docs assume it. But we mention where you won't want to use it (VCS requirements), and the workaround of no lockfile or a constraints file, which maybe links to 2.9 docs Wdyt?
yea, i think that that seems reasonable. the other case that isn’t possible with a user lockfile currently is “one source used in multiple resolves”… but that’s not a new limitation
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so: yea.
oh the other major limitation is
not working, that's a pretty big blocker
it is possible to generate the lockfiles outside of Pants and have Pants/pex consume them...I wonder if that's worth highlighting? Or if you need VCS and/or python-repos we give up on the feature entirely That's tough, it's such a better experience than status quo