is it only me or someone else has seen the tests b...
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is it only me or someone else has seen the tests being flaky on GitHub Actions?
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15:16:32.15 [WARN] WorkUnitConverter: Fallback on hard coded config
15:16:32.18 [WARN] [rules] Failed to load Toolchain token from env var 'TOOLCHAIN_AUTH_TOKEN'. Please make sure the env var is set in your environment.
15:16:32.18 [INFO] [rules] Acquire restricted access token: {'repo_slug': 'pantsbuild/pants', 'env': {'GITHUB_ACTIONS': 'true', 'GITHUB_RUN_ID': '1802570729', 'GITHUB_REF': 'refs/pull/14378/merge', 'GITHUB_EVENT_NAME': 'pull_request', 'GITHUB_SHA': '4003f4ac896733939481d73f6f9c73a316f6c4e1', 'GITHUB_REPOSITORY': 'pantsbuild/pants', 'GITHUB_WORKFLOW': 'Pull Request CI', 'GITHUB_JOB': 'test_python_linux'}}
15:16:32.75 [WARN] Error loading access token: AuthError('[rules] Auth rejected by server request_id=745252e93a279ac4bae352d5cbe9254a')
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.
I see MacOS/Linux tests fail or Lint / Shell step fail between builds in CI Ignore that โ€” itโ€™s a warning, and the exit code are due to failing tests ๐Ÿ˜„
Yeah you can ignore the token thing
I think that is a security thing, @polite-garden-50641 remind me what that's about?
the toolchain SaaS doesn't allocate tokens for PRs from users who are not registered with Toolchain.
I have a ticket to improve the UX for this.
thanks for explaining!