CI timed out on `main` after bumping histogram to ...
# development
CI timed out on
after bumping histogram to 0.7.4 for the Linux test shard. Please pay attention to that and let me know if you see it more, in case we need to revert. (I've never seen this job timeout before, usually it's 40 minutes max)
Tangentially related; Why isn't the version pinned in
? 🤔
Ah this is the Rust crate I'm talking about
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r u sure it has to do with the rust complication part? I have seen remote cache auth errors in the log... so maybe checkout those long running builds in Buildsense and see how did they interact with the remote cache? (since those are branch builds, they use the a token from an env variable and not the somewhat limited restricted access token which is used in PRS) so they should always be able to auth and work with the remote cache and buildsense.
Not at all sure, only a conjecture
is this what you were referring to, or something else …?
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 21.25.50.png
that one is actually the python histogram package, but seems like quite a coincidence, heh