<@UB2J9BQA0>: I’d like to add some tests for the `...
# development
@hundreds-father-404: I’d like to add some tests for the
sources in the Go backend. Any thoughts on whether it would be a good idea or not to add a
targets to those sources?
This would probably require Pants developers to have Go installed if they ever run
./pants test ::
But it would let me add proper Go tests
I'm tempted to say this means we should lean into going back to Pants installing Go. But given the bug with immutable caches, I'm hesitant to proceed on that
I'm generally +1 for adding Go tests. The general project's philosophy is to lean heavily into dogfooding—if our dogfood is sh*t, we should feel that pain The Go logic has gotten pretty complex, so it sounds like it would be useful for us to have tests for it in Go. Whereas now we're constrained to Python integration-tests
context: I’m updating the analysis code to properly analyze cgo sources, thereby increasing complexity of that code.
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