Could it be that the `--process-execution-local-pa...
# development
Could it be that the
is a bit aggressive by default, using
by default? When running the full pants test suite on my laptop, a lot of tests timeout, but when I turn this option down a notch (from the default 12 to 😎 it runs much more smoothly.
ggaahah. why am I not allowed to type
there’re still timeouts, but less frequently.
hmm… but it seems to be getting worse over time… and after breaking out with
I see quite a few number of lingering sleeping python processes from the tests, that I think ought’ve either quit or been killed..
and also a number of
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26439   ??  S      0:40.04 pantsd [/private/var/folders/8j/c8jf_msj009947wyw82xvdkw0000gn/T/process-executionSRPx0O]             
26442   ??  S      0:39.83 pantsd [/private/var/folders/8j/c8jf_msj009947wyw82xvdkw0000gn/T/process-executionTXzyPj]