I am running into an issue using the bleeding edge...
# development
I am running into an issue using the bleeding edge 2.11.0rc0. When I do a reset of pants cache and pants.d and set python to
has 3.8.13 set, I get an error saying the SHA256 of
is not as expected. I also have pex-cli.url_template set to a local path because I'm behind an aggressive proxy. If I set python to 3.9 it works. I can also revert to 3.8 and it will continue to work. The prerequisites for 2.11 says 3.7, 3.8 or 3.9 required.
Are the docs correct?
Seems like a more user friendly error message is needed if this is a user error.
If it is 2.11 issue, I can try to reproduce it on my home machine where I can provide more verbose logs.
I suspect it is an issue with the hash check.
what’s the error message?
is it coming from the
script, or post bootstrap?
if the error is anything like this one, then a fix might already be in flight: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/issues/1683 … but the a sha check for PEX itself seems more likely to be related to the
script itself, which downloads PEX: https://github.com/pantsbuild/setup/blob/e7868493e783174be993cc8b3dd0ed453c83e6f6/pants#L37-L39
I am not on my machine to confirm, but it happens before the pex download so is probably the
Ok, yea. Would make sure you have the latest version of the script: if that doesn't help, then filing an issue on that repo would be helpful. Thanks a lot!
and/or modifying the script to report the actual difference between the files
I will update the script and try again. I have to manually download
in my environment and have a setting in
for that. My quick glance at the script and all the hard coded hashes in there, I suspect it isn't using my manual download location. The
file being downloaded probably is just a text file saying, “nope.”
But that doesn't make sense because I am able to get it working at some point. Maybe it's a bootstrap race condition (if the
script is out of sync with the version…). I'm just speculating at this point. I think my theory that the proxy is messing things up must be wrong if I am able to get past the bootstrap step before updating the version.
I started with a released version then moved to the 2.11.0.dev0 version and on up the chain with latest releases. I didn't reset my cache et al until the rc0 release.