Good lesson on software development principles: <h...
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I think the goal is to make something useful while trying to avoid technical debt. It's one thing for a billion dollar company to do something ugly and re-factor it later, but I've seen technical debt accumulate to the point of basically sinking companies (or divisions of companies). It's incredibly depressing to watch as a tech geek. Anecdotally, I've been brought on to two companies just this month to help deal with technical debt-caused issues that are impacting production deliverables and clients.
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Some of my favorite pants features have only been made possible after we did some re-factoring that looked like it had no user-facing purpose. It's why I'm so thrilled with the recent work from @bitter-ability-32190
Aww 🥰 wait which work specifically? I'm very busy 😅
Several things! For example, soft wrapping will make it much easier for us to have higher quality help messages. Your formatter improvements will make it easier for people to add new formatters in ways that we didn't expect, or for us to add target less formatter support
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